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All Saints Catholic School PTO Nominations

It is time to nominate your friends, or yourself, for the PTO Board. Any parent/guardian of an ASCS student may be nominated for any position except President, Kelly Lynch will be the PTO President for 2021-2022. Being on the PTO Board is a fun and rewarding way to serve our All Saints community. Please click HERE to fill out the nomination form for the 2021-2022 school year for the following positions.

  • 1st VP - President-Elect
    • Preside at any meeting in the absence of the President.    
    • Oversee fundraising activities of the PTO and schedule all fundraising on the annual master calendar.
    • Serve as President for the following year.
    • Oversee Teacher Appreciation activities.
  • 2nd Vice President (VP of Membership)
    • Serve as volunteer coordinator.
    • Serve as chairperson of homeroom parents and promote the social activities of the PTO.
  • Secretary
    • Responsible for the keeping of the minutes, correspondence, and safeguarding of all PTO records other than financial.
    • Update "Community of Saints" and/or the Facebook page with current information.
  • Treasurer
    • Keep an accurate accounting of all cash and other financial assets of the PTO and maintain a permanent ledger.
    • Monitor the checking and/or savings accounts in the name of the PTO.
    • Present financial statements to the members at each meeting with a written report given to the secretary for inclusion in the minutes.
  • Parliamentarian
    • Maintain proper order during PTO meetings and oversee voting procedures.
    • Maintain the ASCS scrapbook and archive any historical documents.
    • Oversee the 2022-2023 nominations and elections of the PTO Executive Board.


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